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Round chopping block

    New type Round chopping block from Jinhang Plastic adopts food-degree HDPE,PE and PP as raw materia by extrusion or mould pressing ,and optimized processing technic.The new type Round chopping block have been enhanced the antimicrobial properties in addition to other excellent performances of the traditional ones .These new type Round chopping block have been tested against escherichia coli,staphylococcus ,and penicillium positively by authoritative department .What’s more ,the stiffness of this new type overcomes lots of disadvantages of the old ones ,such as weak antibacterial ability.As a new type antimicrobial Round chopping block ,they’ve achieved antimicrobial, light weight and useful.


Functional characteristics:

          FDA Certificate , non-toxic and odourless

          Antimicrobial, and clean & health
          Tough , and do harm done to the cutters

          Anti-impact, and non-deformation

          Non-absorbent, and easy to clean

          Various colors ,and functional in partition

          New types ,beautiful and durable

          Light weight , and ensures convenient use outdoor 

Color :     White,Green,Yellow,Black and etc

Shape:     Rectangle ,Square ,Round, Oval,Cartoon-shape

Round chopping block shapes-Henan Jinhang

Usual Specification




Normal size200×200 300×300 400×400 500×500 700×700


Normal size:300×200 400×300 600×500 700×600 1000×1500
2000×750 2000×1500


Normal sizeΦ200-700





Remarks:Except the sizes mentioned above,other sizes can be customized


     New type of Round chopping block have been applied in multiple industries ,such as Meat processing, Food processing ,Aquatic product processing , supermarket, hotel and etc, because of its excellent overall performance. Meantime , they becomes excellent choices for family use .

Round chopping block

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