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    Jinhang Plastic from China,professional ground proetcting mat manufacturer with 20 years of experience.We keep improving the ground proetcting mat to make it better performance.For all those years ,we devoted ourselevs to high quality,low price and thoughtful sevice ,and so far we have more than 1300customers around the world choosing our products.

temporary road mats


    temporary road mats ,as a new type of HDPE sheet applied in short-term and long-term project construction site, to ensure the construction progress and safety by solving influences made by severe environment ,like the pavement and weather.Ground
protection mat possesses the following advantages :light weight
,high load bearing, wear resistance,anti-corrosion,anti-impact,
tough,shock absorption and dampproof. What’s more,temporary road mats is an environment protecting product ,which is easy to place with long service life and durable.

temporary road mats

temporary road mats


Light weight ,high load bearing

Wear resistance,anti-corrosion

Anti-impact, excellent toughness

Shock absorption and dampproof, easy to place

Long service life , and durable


    HDPE temporary road mats is the most preferred material in
short-term and long-term project construction site. Solid antiskid patterns on the surface can stop the sliding and sinking of vehicles and cargoes,make it easy to evacuate vehicles.. By using all linking methods , adapting to different pavements ,weather and temporary pavement ,designing sizes according to the road condition,to solve problems like mud and slope.

temporary road mats application


Application Show

temporary road mats application

Construction site , civil engineering and foundation
Pedestrian overpass
Emergency Entrance Temporary pavement and parking lot
Parkland and infrastructure Maintenance Landscaping and heritage &  heritage protection
&ecological preservation area  
Golf course and stadium maintenance Sports and leisure activities
Drilling engineering Oil drilling industry
Emergency construction site ,like swamp ,muddy

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